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Mustek 1200 complete scanning system!


The Mustek 1200 series is a complete scanning system, which includes everything needed to scan photographs, logos, illustrations or text. An interface kit and software are provided for PC compatible computers running Microsoft® Windows® 3.1x and Windows® 95. These scanners offer 24-bit true-color scans. You can capture photographs, logos, illustrations, or text with 16.77 million colors, 256 shades of gray, or in line art mode. There's no waiting around for your images as a true-color charged-coupled-device is used to capture rich, vibrant colors in a single-pass. Just plug into the parallel port and get busy.

Put Pictues on eBay and greatly increase your sales!  Trade pictures with friends,   build a website!  Scan important documents.....the uses are endless!!

Product Specs:

High bidder to pay 15.99 for shipping and insurance


Good Luck!!  Bid now!