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Maxam Knives

Please check back as we are currently adding to this list.  Wholesale orders welcome at a much lower rate! email me for details

SKTON3SK75724.JPG (14410 bytes) D. Maxam 4" Lockback Knife with tanto blade made for piercing objects.  Stainless steel thumb lever and AISI 420J2 surgical stainless steel blade that is half serrated.  Measures 6 3/4" open.   Lifetime warranty............$6.99   buynow.gif (509 bytes)

E. Maxam 4" Lockback Knife. Same as above with spearhead blade................$6.99   buynow.gif (509 bytes)


F. Maxam 4 1/4" Pocket Knife. Features AISI 420J2 surgical stainless steel half serrated blade, liner lock, right handed thumb lever, aluminum handle, red rubber inlay, stainless steel clip and lanyard hole. Knife measures 7 1/2" open.  Life time warranty........$19.99   buynow.gif (509 bytes)

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G. Maxam 4" Pocket Knife. Half serrated blade is AISI 420J2 surgical stainless steel; handle is aluminum with a black rubber inlay and liner lock.  Knife measures 7 1/4" open, has a stainless steel clip and the back and a lanyard hole.  Lifetime warranty............$24.99   buynow.gif (509 bytes)



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