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How to do it!!!!!!!! REQUIRED MATERIALS: 1 Radio Shack Mini-box (Part #270-235) 1 1/4 Watt Resistor, 2.2k - 2.4k Ohm (Part #271-1325) 1 75pf - 100pf Variable Capacitor (special order) 2 F61a Chassis-type Coaxial Connectors (Part #278-212) 12in No.12 Solid Copper Wire 12in Rg59 Coaxial

1)Bare a length of No.12 gauge solid copper wire and twist around a 3/8" nail or rod to form a coil of 9 turns. Elongate the coil to a length of 1-1/2" and form right angle bends on each end. 2)Solder the variable capacitor to the coil. It does not matter where you solder it, but close to the center facing up is the most convenient place. NOTE: when placing the coil in the box, it must be insulated from the mini-box. Glueing a piece of rubber to the bottom of the box and secure the coil to it with plastic ties can easily do this. 3) Solder a 1" piece of bare coaxial wire to each end of the coil 2 1/2 turns in from the end. Drill a hole on each side of the mini box and install the two coaxial connectors in the hole's using lockwashers.Solder the 1" coaxial wires to the connectors. 4)Solder the resistor to the center of the coil and ground other end of resistor to the mini-box using solder lug and small screw. 5)Drill a 1/2" diameter hole in the mini-box cover to permit adjustment of the variable capacitor from the outside. 6)Inspect the device for defects in workmanship and place cover on mini-box. Tighten securely. 7)Place the device in line with existing cable on either side of the converter box and connect to television set with the short piece of RG59 coaxial cable. 8)Set television to a desired channel to be descrambled, using a plastic (nonmetallic) screwdriver, adjust the variable capacitor slowly until the pictures tune in.

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