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The happy pear button swap

Q.  What is it?

A.  A system setup and designed to help drive traffic to websites around the net.

Q.  Who runs it?

A.  The great guys at The Happy Pear webpage!

Q.  Why sign up?

A.  Bannerswaps and the net are supposedly designed to drive traffic to your site.   The only problem is that you have to HAVE traffic to get traffic!  Also,   the clickthru rate averages about 250:1 on banner exchanges and with the 2:1 ratio display,  that means you have to get 500 hits for 1 hit from the banner exchange!

The Happy Pear banner exchange was designed to give webmaster the opportunity to advertise on other website WITHOUT having to earn credits.  Your button will be entered into the button rotation and begin to be shown on others hompages immediatly and an equal amount of times! In the end, this benifits webmasters greatly and NOT advertisers like linkexchange

Q.  How do I sign up?

A.  Fill out the form below and your on your way!


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